Sherrardspark Wood
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Beasts in the Woods

A grey squirrel.  Red squirrels have long departed the woods.  W. R. Hughes suggests that the last red squirrels were seen in the early 1930s.

The Grey Squirrel
Muntjac running away
A fairly normal view of a Muntjac - running away.

The Muntjac Deer
Muntjac pair
A pair of Muntjacs - a male and female.  Generally Muntjacs are solitary creatures so perhaps these are together for the purpose of mating.  The male has small antlers.
Muntjac male - head
A close-up view of a male Muntjac showing the small horns.
Resting fox
A rarely seen fox.  People who walk dogs see them more often (I guess the dogs flush them out).
Hunting fox
This fox was on the prowl.  It had flushed out...
Hiding female pheasant
...this hiding female pheasant.
Running female pheasant
She moved away when the fox got too close.  But she continued to fly back to where the fox was.  I wondered if she was protecting eggs or chicks, but it seemed to be too early in the year.
Sunbathing rabbits
The fox may have preferred one of these.
Rabbits sunbathing
Seem to enjoy "chillling out" in the sun.
Badger drawing
There seem to be at least 3 active badger setts within the main body of Sherrards wood and several more in Malms Wood.
Plenty of evidence of moles.
The smaller they are the less likely you'll spot them.  If this common mouse had stayed still it wouldn't have been noticed.

There are plenty of boxes for the Common Dormouse
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