Sherrardspark Wood
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Miscellaneous Maps

Map of Broadwater hundred 1673
This 1673 map shows the Broadwater Hundred.

Hundreds were first mentioned in the Laws of Edgar in 970, and by the time of Ethelred the term referred to an area of one hundred hides for the purpose of taxation. For many centuries after this the Hundreds were used as a fiscal, judicial and sometimes a military district. These units were used for the collection of Danegeld, and the holding of courts for both civil and criminal matters.

The hundred of Broadwater takes its name from a little hamlet on the boundary line between the parishes of Knebworth and Shephall, at a point about two miles south of Stevenage where the main road from Hertford and a road from Aston join the Great North Road.

Map outline of Broadwater hundred
This map shows the parishes within the Broadwater Hundred.

Map of Cowper estate with planting
This map shows an early planting plan for the woods when they were still part of the Panshanger estate.

Map unknown date
A map of Sherrardspark Wood early in the history of Welwyn Garden City.

Map from W. R. Hughes book
This map was an insert of W.R. Hughes 1936 book about Sherrardspark Wood.

Map from wood wardens guide
This map is an insert of the original 1964 wood wardens guide

Interpreative map from council
This map was extracted from the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's interpretative map of Sherrardspark Wood. pdf 2MB

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